Fleetwood Mac - Rumours (vinyl record)Queen - Greatest hits (vinyl record)Neil Young - Harvest (Vinyl Record)John Coltrane - Blue Train (vinyl record)

Australia's premier vinyl record buyer

We make selling records easy and worth your while.

Dutch Vinyl Record Store in Brisbane.
  • We are proudly part of the Dutch Vinyl independent record stores in Melbourne and Brisbane.
  • Our buyers cover Victoria, Queensland and Northern New South Wales
  • We pay fair cash prices.
  • We purchase a wide variety of genres and artists.
  • We make house calls.
  • We love collections both big and small.
  • We are a friendly bunch and love what we do.
  • We also buy good quality audio equipment & CDs.

Contact us today

Would you like to sell a record collection or do you have a question?

You can contact one of our buying managers directly or you can send send us a message.

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0493 877 639 / Email Mark


0466 347 482 / Email Rob

How we work

If you are ready to sell then all you need to do is call or email one of our experts buyers. We will ask you a few questions about your collection. Next we can make arrangements for one of our buyers to inspect your records.

After appraising your record collection we make you a fair cash offer based on the desirability, quality and condition of your vinyl records.

We have decades of experience in valuing records and we will quickly and professionally provide you with a fair price.


Happy to pop your records into you car for a quick sale? Please feel free to bring your collections into our Melbourne or Brisbane record stores.

We buy collections in Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales with buyers located in Melbourne, Brisbane and Byron Bay Shire.

Dutch Vinyl - Melbourne

269 Johnston St, 3067, Abbotsford, Victoria

0493877639 / info@dutchvinyl.com.au

Mon - Fri: 10am - 6pm
Sat - Sun: 10am-5pm

Dutch Vinyl - Brisbane

179 Latrobe Terrace, 4064, Paddington, Queensland

0466 347 482 / brisbane@dutchvinyl.com.au

Mon - Sat: 10am - 5pm
Sun: 10am-4pm

We buy collections in Victoria, Queensland and Northern New South Wales with buyers located in Melbourne & Brisbane.

Happy to pop your records into you car for a quick sale? Please feel free to bring your collections into our Melbourne or Brisbane record stores.

We have good and free parking right outside our shop and we are happy to help unload your records.

Most collections can be appraised on the spot but for larger collections we may need a little more time but we are happy to shout you a coffee in one of our neighbouring cafes.

About us

Our first Dutch Vinyl record store was opened in Abbotsford, Melbourne which was soon followed by the opening of our Paddington store in Brisbane.

We are friendly and professional group of music lovers who have turned their passion into their profession. Even though we buy collections almost daily, we are still super exited each time a new collection comes in.

Prince - Purple Rain (vinyl record)
AC DC - Back in Black (vinyl record)
Marvin Gaye - What's going on (vinyl record)
Stevie Wonder - Songs in the key of life (vinyl record)
David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust (vinyl record)
Beastie Boys - License to ill (vinyl record)

Titles we look for

We buy second-hand vinyl record titles that people are interested in buying. We love common and rare artists and titles from the 60s onwards. Tastes and trends are constantly changing as does the value of different genres and prices.The title and the condition of your records are the most important factors in deciding what we buy and for how much.

We buy vinyl record collections in all states, territories, town and cities and have stores in Victoria and Queensland.

Value of vinyl records

We pay good prices which reflect the quality and desirability of your collection.


Genres we look for include, but are not limited to: rock, pop, folk, blues, jazz, metal, new wave, funk, punk, soul, R&B, disco, reggae, latin, hip-hop, exotica, strange/obscure, soundtracks & classical.

It's important that the records are in good condition. Prices can vary greatly based on artist, title, release and condition.

Our record buyers

We are all record collectors we still get exited every time we go out to inspect a collection.

Steely Dan - Aja (vinyl record)
Captain Beefheart - The spotlight kid (vinyl record)
Carole King - Tapestry (vinyl record)
David Bowie - Changes one (vinyl record)
Funkadelic - Funkadelic (vinyl record)
John Coltrane - Blue train

Why sell your old records to us?

We have been buying records for years and have built up a reputation of integrity and fairness. For very special collections we will likely pay more than other buyers and collectors so it's always worth your while to get in touch.

Van Morrison - Astral Weeks (vinyl record)
Rolling Stones - Let it bleed

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